Fitness and Mobiles

Tesco Mobiles

April 2017

Tesco Mobile invites well-known Youtubers to help promote the Samsung S8 and its features.


  • Video Editing
  • Animation


The social media influencers Lean Machines and Clean Eating Alice have partnered with Tesco Mobile to promote the Samsung S8 and how the Youtubers use the phone, the best features for healthy-freaks and more.

The Lean Machines, a published fitness and healthy lifestyle duo, explains how it helps creating fitness videos, due to its image stabilisation and waterproof resistance and the Health App that collects all your data.

Clean Eating Alice, a vlogger specialised in healthy food and fitness, shows us Samsung S8’s front-facing camera capabilities, the rear-camera and other features like face-detection for security.

Proper Banners was called in to help creating the edits and motion graphics to make the video more engaging and fun to watch.
Both videos were to be used in social channels and needed to be quite quick – around 1 minute.

We selected the best parts, designed and created the graphics and sourced the soundtracks.