Animation and Dev for Dynamic Banners


The Dubs

Winter 2015

The Dubs needed a dynamic banner to present to their client that could allow up to six different sets of messages on 3 formats – Billboard, DMPU and MPU, using custom web-fonts.


  • Creative Tech
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Animation
  • Interactivity
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Support

Two routes of Dynamic Ads

The Animation

It also consisted of two custom animations, that were created with the assets provided. The Cityscape animation was done in After Effects and exported as a Gif, and this allowed it to have a great number of detail and style added to it.

This animation could have been done in CSS, but it would require a lot of code and tests. And the reflection would be tricker to achieve.

The Railway animation was done with the assets in code, first using CSS, then TweenLite.

Once the client approved the animation, it was time to tackle the common issues of Dynamic Ads. Usually, when using dynamic copy, you have to take in consideration that the design might not be as good changing the text only.

The Dynamic Content

In this case it was set up that the client could adjust the font-size and line-height, and with knowledge of line breaks, the layouts got much better.

The dynamic content also had a Reporting label, unique url and keywords. So you could access certain message with a keyword.

The advertiser was quite happy with the results, and in the end selected the two better performing messages to run, and for that all that was needed was to make the rows Active:False.

The shell was done in a way that now serves as a template for new campaigns, where it is only needed some extra work on new animations etc.