Complex Standard Ads



Summer 2015

With a super detailed illustration, and a reference from the TVC, the idea came to try to recreate the ad.


  • Imaging
  • Animation
  • Youtube Api
  • DoubleClick

The original asset

The Animation

The ad needed three frames for the messaging. With the asset of the car on profile, the obvious thing to do was to animate the car and wheels, passing by the frame.

The transition would be a pan, and not many assets would be needed. It still needed to pass an impression of depth, so the background, the car and the trees were the layers, and it would move up in the frame.

The Assets

The background was the most challenging to tackle. Jpgs would compress the colors too much and pixelate it, so SVG was used. It had to be very cleaned up, so a lot of illustration changes were needed – even creating the whole backgrounds and roads.

The other assets were compressed in png-8. It didn’t look amazing, but all assets had consistency and the animation was really smooth and interesting.