Multivideo and Geolocated Dynamic Ads



Summer 2015

Rich Media Ads for Netflix using GeoLocation, MultiVideo & Swipe


  • Creative Tech
  • Design
  • Animation
  • Interactivity
  • Logic
  • Touch

The GeoDynamic Billboard

Geolocated Dynamic Ads

The ad, built in good old flash, had the recent dynamic components in Doubleclick. The geolocation was a challenge as it needed detailed instructions, and the use of Rules to test. But essentially, the copy would say the City name, and change the show assets, which had a Gif animation and images, all dynamic from DoubleClick Assets.

Even thou the code was not HTML5, the strategy and dynamic management was a great learning curve and, realising it does not change at all from HTML5 makes it even more attractive to have this know-how.

Multivideo Billboard

This one was a lot of fun. For the new show Sense8, they wanted to present all characters, the trailer and an intro video.

For a bit more wow, I created an edit of the main trailer in After Effects, with explosions and all, and that would play before the branded netflix video.

So after loading and playing not one, but two different videos (it could change later), it would end on an interactive frame, with a carousel of characters and by selecting one, the youtube video player would load the video about the character.

The user could also watch the proper trailer.

Both ads had very minimal QA feedback and were used in different languages.

A extensive set of ads

Other formats

There were a few more formats across multi-devices. The Design and UX of the Billboard were a guide to designing all other formats. The code for the MultiVideo and Swipe functionality served as the Master Build.