Mexican Food and Banners



June 2017

A complete digital campaign promoting a best-seller product – Stand & Stuff. Proper Banners worked closely with Animl from the production stages to digital delivery.


  • Creative Tech
  • Responsive Design
  • Animation
  • Sizmek and Celtra

The challenges before starting

Animl’s approached us for our second project together, and since the first one went really well, we were asked to help directing the shooting of the videos.

Aware that there would be a lot of image manipulation to fit the different formats, Proper Banners suggested keeping the backgrounds peripheral content clean so it could be extended and moved

Responsive Design

We worked on preliminary storyboards that were shared with the client. That involved creating custom end frames, and making the messaging clear. Also, there were loads of responsive formats – portrait and landscape, which needed a consistent design.

We also were in charge of creating the lock up following the brand guidelines.

Sizmek units

The campaign was split in two routes: Food shot and TVC.

We created the Food Rich Media ads using animated sprites so it could auto-play when loaded in tablets and mobiles, and for the TVC Mpu, we had to create a whole logic for toggling the audio on and replaying the ad.

Celtra units

The Celtra units were very complex to build. Using video files – Celtra enables auto-play on devices – we were to build the Miniscroller and Interscroller formats.

These units were responsive, but still required a lot of testing to make sure nothing got overlapped.