HTML5 Banners Animation Guide

Know How to Plan &
Create Stylish Animations for Banners and Digital Displays.

Animation Essentials, Tips & Tricks

Proper Banners decided to start its early days with a priority: trying to clarify and help the new workforce to become productive and more creative in the banner world.

Most “flashers” used to be able to do most of the project by themselves. Now with more and more code being used, the learning curve is steeper and the demand is greater for “Creatives-Who-Can-Code”.

The book consists of two parts, the first about the animation essentials, understanding the fundamental properties and know more about timings and flow.

The second part is where it gets technical. It has information either for the experienced developer – by perhaps getting a few ideas, and also a few tricks for more complex animations.

Understand how to plan your animation, from thinking about the best way to get it done, the challenges you’ll need to tackle and how to create amazing animations with low file-size, great control, and just a few lines of code!

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