Programmatic Ads

The ultimate promise of brand advertising

We’ve never been closer to the ultimate promise of brand advertising in the digital age.
The ultimate promise of brand advertising in the digital age: to efficiently and effectively run highly relevant, creative, responsive and measurable brand campaigns, at scale.

The other new player in the game, Programmatic Ad Buying enhances even more the power of targeted ads.

Let’s imagine two fashion brands, competing for the audience, on a popular blog. The users during the day are younger, with less money, and the opposite at night. Both brands are interested in both markets. By knowing the busier time in the site, advertisers know when and what creative to deliver.

So, instead of having the space sold for a brand, the publisher can make more money via bidding, and change the price of the space according to the demand. Brands can fight more to create a deeper connection with its audience, and dispute the space with only the heavy players.

Furthermore, you can find valuable clients and expose them to the ad, on any device, whenever you think they will be more relevant for the message.

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